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Top 5 things to do in Sevilla, Spain in only 2 days!

I have to preface this post with 2 days is not nearly long enough to really enjoy Sevilla!! I will be going back here some point in my life, and would like to spend at least a week getting lost here. I genuinely think this is my new favorite city in the world. It was simply stunning! Everywhere we went it just got better and better. It is so rich in history, and the best thing about Sevilla is they stick to their traditional Spanish roots. They are a city who pride themselves on their past and what makes Spain unique. Sevilla is the perfect blend of Spanish and Moorish culture, which truly embodies Southern Spain. Enough about me loving Sevilla… let’s talk about what you should do when you get there.

K at Plaza de Espana

Number 1 – Visit Las Setas de Sevilla

The Setas de Sevilla is a must do when in Sevilla. I highly encourage you to not only see it from below, but to grab tickets and go to the top. You will get an incredible view of the city, plus the pictures you will take from up top with the city below are breathtaking. We had so much fun shooting pictures and videos up here. The Setas is famous because it is the largest wooden structure in the world!! I have been there and I can’t believe it is even made out of wood. Setas means mushrooms in Spanish, so you can see why it has it’s unique shape. Again I highly recommend going here. There are plenty of shops and restaurants around as well, so you can make an evening of it. We happened to be up top while the sun was setting, which made for an even better view of the city. We really enjoyed our time here, and it is inexpensive.

K & V with students at Las Setas

Number 2 – Visit the Catedral de Sevilla

You have to go inside the Catedral de Sevilla to believe me when I say it is my favorite Cathedral I have been in and to see why. It is full of beauty and riches and seems more like a museum to me than a place of worship. Fun Fact: this Cathedral is actually the third largest church in the entire world! Something else cool about the Catedral de Sevilla, is that it is home to the remains of Christopher Columbus. Now I know we aren’t all a fan of him, but it was pretty cool to witness his tomb. I do highly suggest getting tickets to the Cathedral ahead of time, because it is one of the, if not the most visited places in Sevilla. You can get your tickets here. When at the church you must go up the tower to get a full view of Sevilla. It will seem like a lot, but the walk up goes pretty quickly, and luckily there are ramps going up and not stairs. Also, be sure to walk around the entire outside to get many good picture opportunities. We suggest going during the day for the tour and again to see it lit up at night. Plus there are plenty of restaurants in the area, so you can have a nice night view of the tower and enjoy some Spanish food. (I highly suggest Paella)

Number 3 – Walk through Plaza de Espana

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PLACE IN SEVILLA! Can you tell I loved it? This is the reason I want to go back and why I couldn’t wait to write this Blog for you all. This is part of the infamous 1929 Exposicion Ibero-Americano which focused on Latin American Countries to showcase their culture here around the Maria Luisa Park. As you walk around the area you will see many gorgeous buildings that are still up and in use today, that truly represent their culture, but Plaza de Espana is in my opinion the best. The tile work, pavilions, bridges and more make it a can’t miss. This is the perfect place to pack a picnic, enjoy lunch on the steps or near the fountain, and you can even rent row boats right there in the middle of the plaza. Be sure to carve out some time to truly experience and appreciate all that the Plaza de Espana has to offer. 😉

Number 4 – See a Flamenco Show

Sevilla is know for it’s historic role in Flamenco, making this THE CITY to catch a live Flamenco show. There are shows held all around the city, almost every street you walk down you will see a sign promoting a show or a theater to go and catch a show. We actually went to El Palacio Anduluz, which I highly recommend. Not only did they have talented and passionate dancers, which make it a can’t miss show, but they also have a museum downstairs full of costumes, pictures, and historical facts to let you know a little more about the history of Flamenco. All of their tickets come with a free drink, but you could also choose to have tapas or dinner during your show as well. Click here for ticket options. If you are traveling in a big group, you can also do a Flamenco class before the show which was SO. MUCH. FUN. Now I can’t say we all did great during the class (cough V cough) but we all did have fun. This show was incredible and really connected us to our Spanish roots, so please be sure to go when you are in Sevilla.

El Palacio Andaluz

Number 5 – Olive Oil Tour

I am officially an Olive Oil expert now, all thanks to Isaac at Basilippo. Isaac walked us through the entire process of how to make Olive Oil, and to how to tell if what you are getting is quality Olive Oil, or has been processed multiple times. Extra Virgin Olive Oil only for me these days, thanks Isaac! Basilippo is a family owned business and sells top quality Olive Oil. This tour was a lot of fun and a must do if in Sevilla for more than a couple days. After going through the process of how to pick the olives, how to separate the oil from the olive, how to store it and more, we actually got to taste the Olive Oil. My favorite part was trying Olive Oil on top of chocolate ice cream. Now I know what you are thinking because believe me, so was I! At the beginning of the tour I was skeptical, but y’all…. it was DELICIOUS! I definitely bought a bottle to take back home. The entire tour only took about an hour, so it is definitely worth going to. You can find more information on tours here.

*BONUS TO DO* – If in season (May-June) EAT SNAILS!

Now y’all… I am not talking yummy Escargot which is seasoned and drowned in garlic butter… I am talking straight up snails. Like heads/antennas still attached and all. This was of course a bet V and I had, but a few of us ended up trying it anyways, because well, when in Rome. So in Seville they actually call these Caracoles, you know in case you want to order some when you go. 🙂 Since the head and antennas are still attached, I suggest closing your eyes and slurping them down as quick as possible, just to say you have enjoyed this Spanish delicacy. Watch our VLOG to see V and I, plus some of our students try Caracoles and feel like a true Sevillano!

Please comment below your favorite things to do while in Sevilla, because we are DEFINITELY going back!

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