Granada : Alhambra and much more

Okay so get ready for a few blog posts about Spain. We just got back from an 11 day tour through Spain, and had such an amazing time! We traveled through 5 cities and tried to soak up as much culture as we could in that little time. Our first stop was to Granada! There is so much history and intertwined cultures, making Granada a MUST DO in Spain. ❤


You guys this place is incredibly gorgeous and filled with historical events that shaped our world’s history. Plus, nothing beats the view of the city from the top. The Alhambra overlooks the city of Granada and is the best representation of the cities past and present. As you walk through the Alhambra you will be impressed with the many gardens, rooms, balconies, baths and more that the palace has to offer. The detail in the tile work and infrastructure will leave you lost in the same spot for minutes at a time. The Alhambra truly represents the Arabic and Christian roots embedded deep into Granada’s history. Be sure to get a guided tour in order to not miss out on the many historical facts and picture opportunities. Also, here you will see THE ROOM where Christopher Columbus received the royal endorsement for his expedition that led him to America! Plus, it is a UNESCO site, so you need to check it out when visiting Granada.

V and K at the Alhambra


As you know from above, Granada’s history is rich in culture. As you turn down into the Silk Market area for shopping, you will stumble upon the “street tea shops” where you will find yourself a couple of Moroccan Tea-house opportunities. This was actually one of my FAVORITE activities in the entire Spain visit, because I just felt like I was truly a part of Granada’s past, which is so diverse. I highly suggest going in, grabbing a snack, and having some Moroccan tea. It is so cozy and filled with pillows and comfortable seating. If you are into hookah, you will find this a great place to hang out. As I mentioned with the silk market, this is a great place to find Moorish items as well as cheap souvenirs of Granada to bring back home.


Mirador San Nicolas is the actual spot at the top of the Albayzin neighborhood where you get the most picturesque view of Alhambra at Sunset. Seeing this as the sun was setting was magical. It is definitely work the steep climb through the Albayzin to the top. There are also street artists and performers once you reach the top to keep you entertained as you wait for the sun to set. Get there early if you want to sit at the edge and get great pics. Also, there are bars, flower covered walls, picture opportunities, and other things to explore at the top if you do get there early.

Top of Albayzin
Flower Wall and Tower at Mirador San Nicolas

On your way down from the Sunset, take a walk along the river, opposite to Alhambra. You will have great views the entire walk and there are plenty of restaurants to stop and have a bite or a drink on the way down. We also ended up at the plaza afterwards, where we again saw many street performers and even a huge puppet show. We were so entertained the entire evening and highly recommend allowing yourself time to just explore as you head back down to the city center.


So this is something we did with EF Tours and really enjoyed. This was a fun way for us to see most of the city in a short amount of time, plus V and I love a little friendly competition as you may have figured by now. V and I split into two groups between us (there were more groups, but we decided to make a bet out of our two groups, so we were essentially competing against each other only.) You had to go through the city and take pictures of historic land marks that were provided along with a map, as well as answer historical questions about the city of Granada. So we decided that the captain of the losing team had to trust fall onto a random stranger… We have included the video of the epic TRUST FAIL in our VLOG below. This scavenger hunt was a lot of fun as I said, and then after we were finished we knew which parts of the city we wanted to go back to and explore a little deeper, so I do highly suggest it! If you are not traveling through EF, still reach out to them and see how they can set you up or get you the information to do this as well. By the way… of course my team won. 🙂

So overall, these are our tops things to do and see when in Granada. We had only ONE DAY here, so I am sure if you have more time, you will find so much to see. With it’s rich history and diverse culture, there is NADA LIKE GRANADA!

Comment below your MUST DO’s in Granada 🙂

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Adios Amigos ❤

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