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How to do Cordoba in only 3 hours… Ready, set, go!

Okay so if you are in Sevilla for more than a couple days, I highly suggest making a day trip to Cordoba. We actually stopped in Cordoba on our way out from Sevilla, traveling to Madrid. Since we were traveling for the entire day, we only had 3 hours to spend in Cordoba, so this is how we made the best of our time there. 🙂


The Mezquita is the historic Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. You must go here if you are in Cordoba. This is truly one of those “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” moments. Don’t get me wrong, on the outside it looks astounding, but the inside is simply mesmerizing. The Mezquita truly embodies all of the history of Cordoba. You walk in and can see Moorish roots, the Catholic takeover, and the reason it was claimed as a historic-artistic national monument. The Mezquita is also a UNESCO site. The decorative arches, the architecture, the art, the sculptures…. everything inside will leave you wanting more. I do suggest getting a tour guide, in order to learn about the history while inside, or else you will just get lost in it’s beauty. Click here to get your tickets.

Flower Festival – Spring in Cordoba

If I could suggest a perfect time to go to Cordoba, it would be the month of May! During that time every year, they do a Flower Festival, where they cover some of the walls (near the Jewish quarter) in flower pots. It is very picturesque and just adds even more beauty to the already stunning city. We were there in late June, so it wasn’t even as decorated as the pictures I have seen from May, and I was still in awe. Allow yourself to get lost in the narrow streets of Cordoba and take time to smell the roses.

Go Souvenir shopping

One of the great things about Cordoba, was the inexpensive souvenirs. We noticed the price was less than we had just experienced in Sevilla. Plus, there were so many cute little shops all down the narrow streets I just told you to explore. We didn’t have much time in Cordoba as you know, so we stayed near the Mezquita, but I am sure if you venture out, you will find even more!

Eat at Las Patios de la Marquesa

Traveling in groups can sometimes make it hard to decide where to eat. This is why we suggest eating at Las Patios de la Marquesa while in Cordoba, it is a market place with many styles of food, sure to satisfy every appetite in your group. For your more picky eaters, they have pizza, nachos, and chicken strips. For the people who want to try Cordoba specialties, they have Oxtail (Rabo de Toro), Fried eggplant with honey (Berenjenas con Miel), and a fried roll filled with ham and pork (Flamenquin). This is we got and it was all SO delicious, especially the Rabo de toro. They also have a wine bar, a dessert shop and more for you to try. The market has three different patio sections too, making sure you are in a cozy setting. Las Patios de la Marquesa is a must stop for food while in Cordoba!

Again, we only had 3 hours in this amazing city, so I know we missed out on some good finds. Please drop a comment on your favorite things to do in Cordoba, or another easy day trip in Spain we can do on our next trip there. 🙂

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