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Fifteen (15) Free Things To Do When Visiting Barcelona in 2022

Here are our fifteen free things to do when visiting Barcelona in 2022


Yes, you read that correctly! I am going to tell you 15 Free things you need to do on your next trip to Barcelona. So if a budget is the only thing holding you back from having the trip of your dreams, then you no longer have an excuse. Get out there and book your trip to Barcelona TODAY!

15. Free Water

Drink lots of water for FREE when you are in Barcelona. They have these beautiful drinking water fountains all over Spain, including Barcelona. I usually bring a water bottle with me or I will buy one once and then fill up for the rest of the trip. This may not seem like a big deal when water is only 2-3 euros, but think about how much you need all day to stay hydrated. Specially when you are walking more than usual, so that can really add up. Stay thrifty, not thirsty. 🙂

legend says if you drink out of this water fountain, you will come back to Barcelona

14. Watch live performances

There are incredible performances going on everywhere you go. The street performers here take it to the next level! You will have musicians on the metro, break dancers near Montjuic, human statues on Las Ramblas, and many more. My absolute favorite free show in Barcelona is the Montjuic Fountains!

If you have read previous blogs you are probably saying to yourself “Okay, we get it! You love fountains!!” And you’d be right, but these are the best! They have a show at 9pm and the fountains go perfectly with music as they rise up into the air. Be sure to go if you are in Barcelona. Get there early if you want to find somewhere to sit. As you walk around Barcelona, you will bump into lots of free performance opportunities, so be sure to stop and enjoy the show. Watch our VLOG to see more examples.

anonymous dancers performing show on street

13. Free rooftop views

There is nothing better than seeing this beautiful city from a high view. This city has so much in it, and going up will help you take in the beauty of this cosmopolitan city, with an amazing view. Often we miss these views because we forget to simply look up and notice that there are rooftops all over the cit. Sometimes they are completely free! So don’t forget to check those places out and ask around to find these hidden gems. We know of a couple of places that have amazing views but there are plenty for you to explore and admire.

The first one is at the shopping center Las Arenas located at Plaza Espanya. This used to be a bullfighting ring but not it is a shopping center with an amazing view of the city. There is an elevator that takes you to the very top of the arena, but the elevator costs around 2 euros. However, you can go up for free if you take the electric stairs inside the arena. It might take you a couple of minutes to get up but it is worth it and completely free, and the views are worth it.

A second spot in Barcelona that has an amazing view is at the top of Hotel Colon which is located directly in front of Barcelona Cathedral. It is free and all you need to do is go inside the hotel, take the elevator to the last floor and once you are up there, enjoy the view. You can have a nice lunch or dinner and enjoy one of Barcelona’s best view of the cathedral.

The last spot we want to suggest for you to enjoy an amazing view of the city is at Bar El Corte Ingles in front of Plaza Catalunya. You must go up the stairs to the top floors and ask for Bar El Corte Ingles and the employees there will tell you which floor it is at. Once you are up there, enjoy the view of Placa Catalunya, Gothic Quarter and if you’re lucky, enjoy the sunset while enjoying a nice glass of wine 😉

green leafed plant near table

12. Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is one of the most famous streets in all of Europe. What other street can you name that is famously known all over the world? Best of all, it’s Free! Starting from Plaza Catalunya, you walk down Las Ramblas and enjoy everything this magical street has to offer. To start, the most amazing drinking water fountain is found at the top of Las Ramblas. Then as you walk down you will bump into street performers, markets, souvenir stores, street art, historical buildings, free museums, famous landmarks, and much more.

Las Ramblas is one of those places that you really need to pay attention to and enjoy everything that it has to offer. If you don’t pay attention, you can miss out on some awesome things found here. For more on Las Ramblas go check out our vlog dedicated solely to this amazing avenue.

11. La Boqueria

The Boqueria is probably the most popular market in Barcelona and a top tourist attraction when visiting this lovely city. The Boqueria is actually found on Las Ramblas avenue and it is a little hidden so you need to pay attention when you are looking for it or you might miss it. The entrance is charming and inviting. Once you are inside you will be mesmerized by the different smells, colors, voices and sounds happening in the market.

Although the market is free to explore, the products are not. But don’t worry, they are very cheap and you will definitely get to enjoy a few products with just a couple of Euros. We recommend you to go the back and buy a fruit infused juice for only 1 euro! They are delicious! Our favorite ones are the strawberry banana and the orange mango ones. Here you will find all sorts of goodies too that you can only find in Barcelona so take advantage and explore La Boqueria.

10. Montjuic

In Montjuic you will find a lot of awesome gems like Palau Nacional which is one of Barcelona’s most iconic buildings. The Palau Nacional makes an amazing photo background. Plus, the view of the city is phenomenal and makes an amazing picture background. The best thing about Palau Nacional is that you can go in for Free and check out the inside and the gift shop.

Once you are inside if you want to pay for the National Art Museum of Catalunia you can, which is on our to do list for our next trip to Barcelona. If you don’t want to pay but still want to go inside you definitely can. Also, if you walk around Montjuic you will find some amazing views of the city and one of the best views of the Mediterranean sea.

PS. You can use their restrooms here for free

9. Magic Fountains in Montjuic

Right in front of Montjuic there are these water fountains that light up at night time and provide its visitors with a unique fountain show similar to the one you see in Las Vegas. The fountains are not as big, but the light show and the water show are just as amazing, if not better. You will be surprised at the amount of people that come to see this show. 

We suggest you get there early to find a good spot & enjoy the free show. Get there around 8pm and hang out for about an hour, find a good seat, buy some snacks at the corner stand and enjoy the show at 9pm. Definitely worth the wait.

the palau nacional

8. FC Barcelona Lounge

YES!!! You can go inside the Barcelona stadium without paying the entrance fee for a game or the FC Barcelona experience pass. Now, I highly recommend you actually do pay to see the stadium because it is 100% worth it. However, if you dont have the time or money, then you can do this trick which will get you in for free.

What you do is go towards entrance #20 in the stadium. Next to the entrance there is an elevator that is hidden from everyone so you have to walk behind the wall to actually see the elevator. Go in the elevator and go to the third floor. Tell the security person that you are there just to have a beer at the bar, that’s it.

Now, if you go on a game day, they might not let you in. However, if you go on a regular day, they will let you in. Once you are at the bar, you can enjoy a small portion of the stadium and if you are lucky you might get a glimpse of the actual inside of the stadium. You dont have to buy anything or pay anything to go up there but we highly recommend you buy a drink so you can enjoy yourself while in the bar.

You’re welcome 🙂

7. Barcelona Beach

Yes, there are some private beaches in Europe where you might have to pay a fee to get in but not in Barcelona. The beach in Barcelona is free and best of all it is literally walking distance from the center of Barcelona. I have never been to a major European city where the beach was walking distance from it.

This is why I think Barcelona is the perfect city in the world, it has it ALL!! The beach is 100 % free for you to enjoy but we highly recommend you to take your own umbrella, sunscreen, drinks and food because all those add up when you’re there.

6. Parc De La Ciutadella

This park is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to. It is humongous for European standards and there are so many hidden gems here that you can easily spend an entire day just exploring this park. Don’t over look the opportunity to explore Parc De La Ciutadella or you might miss the opportunity to see the wild parrots or boat paddle the lakes.

There are street performers, a life size mammoth and the marvelous sculpture located at the corner of the park. The history behind this park is also amazing. Do some research about it so you can enjoy the park even more. Best of all, it’s FREE!

5. Sagrada Familia

Obviously to go inside La Sagrada Familia you have to pay, however the outside of the Sagrada Familia, the façade, is just as amazing as the inside. You can easily spend hours admiring the intricate architecture of this masterpiece. It is the icon of Barcelona and a definite must see. Not seeing La Sagrada Familia when visiting Barcelona is like eating a hamburger with no meat patty. It’s like eating a taco with no meat. It’s like having a beer with no alcohol…. ok ok you get the point.

La Sagrada Familia is just so amazingly beautiful. It is totally ok to admire just the outside and not the inside. As a matter a fact, it took us 5 trips to Barcelona before we actually went inside for the first time. So go ahead and visit La Sagrada Familia and admire its beauty. One suggestion for you is to go to the park in front of Sagrada Familia and take selfies with it as a background. It makes an amazing picture background, which will get you hundreds of likes on your IG post. 😉

4. Barcelona Cathedral

This is a beautiful cathedral located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter and it is another icon of Barcelona. It will take your breath away when you first see it. It is a popular photo opp and hang out spot. The trick to get the perfect photo is to take a selfie, or body picture, from the benches that are in front of the Cathedral. We are talking about the benches that are way in front, like 100 yards in front…if you take your pictures from there, you will get some amazing photos.

On certain days, the entrance to the cathedral is free. I believe it is on Sunday morning during mass. Another little trick that will get you some amazing photos of the cathedral is to go up to the rooftop of the hotel that is in front of the church, it’s free.  The name of the hotel is Hotel Colon, if you have the opportunity to stay here then do so. It is centrally located and you will get to enjoy one of the best views of the city. 

3. Museums of Barcelona

YES! You can go to some museums in Barcelona that are 100 % free! Do some research on these museums. Do not get upset if you end up paying 20 euros even though we said they’re free. In Europe, museums are free on certain days, certain times and certain holidays entrance.

For example, the Picasso museum in Barcelona is free on the first Monday of every month (check their website as the day may have changed). Also, some museums have sections that are free and sections you must pay. You will be surprised at how many of these places cost you nothing to go in and admire public art. Do your research please.

2. Free Tours

Yes there are free tours in Barcelona. There is one company we love using called Donkey Tours and what they do is they offer tours for free. At the end of the tour they ask for a small donation for their service. If you can afford 5-10 euros for the tour then donate it, but if you are absolutely 100% broke and can not afford to give them a donation, then I am sure they wont be mad at you.

The tours are excellent, they are very friendly people and know the area very well, totally worth at least a 5 euro donation. Go to their website and find out what tours they will be doing so you can sign up for their next tour, it’s free!

1. Parq Guell

The best free thing to see Barcelona (in our opinion) is Parq Guell. Although some parts of Parq Guell you do have to pay, and you do have to wait in line, other parts of the park are 100% free. Yes the inside (the part you have to pay) is amazing, however the part you don’t pay is also as magical as the rest of the park.

You will see some beautiful columns made out of rocks and stones, you will admire the gardens, you will see the terraces and the views of the city, and the best part….if you take the stairs all the way to the top, you will see one of the best views of the city of Barcelona. Keep an eye out for these steps because they are kind of hidden. You will see people going up so just follow them. Halfway up you might regret it, but keep going, it is worth it! The views are amazing and the picture opportunities up there are just as amazing. You can even plan a picnic up there, we did and loved it. 4 FREE

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