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When in Vegas…

Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas…. (You must read that in your best Elvis accent) Anyone who has been to Vegas will tell you how much fun it is! If you have been there, you know, and if you haven’t, well that’s why I am here! There is so much to see and do and eat, you will NEVER be bored. No matter what you are into, you will have fun. They have gambling, picture opportunities, amusement parks, lots of food, live performances, and much, much more! V and I were there for 3 days to start out our South West American Road Trip, and we had the BEST time here. So below are our suggestions on what to do When in Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Getting a picture in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign is a MUST DO. We suggest that you get here early, as there is ALWAYS a line. We got there at 8am on a Wednesday morning and we already had to wait in line for about 20 minutes, so plan to get there early. Also, just a heads up, there will be someone there offering to take pictures for you if you donate money. There is also always a man dressed as Elvis there to stand in pictures with you if you’d like, but be prepared to tip him generously. We opted out of Elvis, but it was nice to have someone take pictures for us that knew how to get the right angle without people in the background. Check out their Facebook page here for the address.

V & K

Walk the Strip

On your way back from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, we suggest you walk down the entire strip back towards where you’re staying. It is a LONG walk, so bring lots of water, BUT you will find so many picture opportunities and we had so much fun just walking into or near each hotel and seeing what they have inside. Everything is open, so you can just see what you bump into. I know this isn’t doable for everyone, so make sure you at least walk a good portion of the strip, and take so many pictures. That is actually my main point to this section, so…. (The pic below is in front of the Harley Davidson store, right by the Welcome to Vegas sign)


There are SO many picture opportunities like I mentioned above. Every hotel truly feels like you are in another country, because of all the detail put into them, so go check them out and take lots of pictures!! You can leave your passport at home, and still feel as though you have traveled the globe on just ONE street. Here are just a FEW examples of what I am referring to, I took WAY more. (You can see more in our VLOG @ the end of this blog)

Visit Fremont Street

We had the BEST time of our entire stay in Vegas on Fremont Street! There are so many awesome street performers and people dressed up for fun, memorable pictures. They also have delicious restaurants and great concerts going on throughout the street. A great reason to go here is you will spend WAY LESS money versus if you hang out on the strip. You do need to Uber or taxi here, but it is worth it to go visit. If you are into zip lining, they have a great one here where you zip line down the center of Fremont St. They also play music videos on the ceiling of the enclosed street, so you can zip line as that is going on if you are lucky. For more information on Fremont Street and the zip lining experience, click here. Again, go to Fremont Street and let loose. You can watch the vlog to see V break dance here and me get into a rap battles with some random girls while there. So much fun!

Bellagio Hotel

Y’all know how much I LOVE water fountains, and the Fountain Show here at the Bellagio Hotel is gorgeous! They shoot up perfectly according to the music playing and even have lights. The fountains play every 15-30 minutes, depending on the time of day you go. Click here for more information on this FREE attraction in Vegas. Another reason you have to go to the Bellagio Hotel is to go inside and check out their Conservatory and Botanical Garden. I’ve never seen anything like it, especially not for FREE. Click here for more information on the Conservatory and Botanical Garden, and for more pictures of it. I highly recommend when in Vegas you spend some time at the Bellagio Hotel.

Flamingo Hotel

Another AMAZING and FREE attraction is at the Flamingo Hotel. In the back they have a waterfall and area of animal wildlife habitat. Y’all they have actual, LIVE flamingos back there! I kid you not, and again it is free to go back there and check it out. I highly suggest putting this on your list of things to do. Click here to find the Flamingo Hotel and more information about their own little wildlife habitat.

Take a day trip to the Grand Canyon

When you are in Vegas you are TOO CLOSE to the Grand Canyon to miss out on this opportunity! We highly suggest taking a bus tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim. It is about a 2 1/2 hour bus ride there and lunch is provided. We actually had some REALLY good sandwiches. On the way to the Canyon, they also stop you by the Hoover Dam so you can get out and take some pictures there. From there you head to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon where there is so much to explore. The good thing about the West Rim is that you can access the infamous sky walk here. You do need to buy tickets for this, and you aren’t allowed to take pictures while on the sky walk, but it is a once in a life time opportunity if there. Then you can explore the edge of the canyon, where you will get plenty of great pictures. I have attached just a few, and it was so hard for me to narrow it down. I need to do a blog on just the Grand Canyon, because I have too much to say in so little room. Check out our Vlog though to see and hear more. Click here to get tickets for your tour, taking off from Las Vegas!

Stay at the Paris Hotel

I suggest staying at the Paris Hotel when you come to Vegas for a couple of reasons. The views of it are INCREDIBLE for one. The Eiffel Tower ACTUALLY lights up at night, just like the one in Paris, France. Another reason to stay here is that it is centrally located on the strip. The Paris Hotel is right across the street from the Bellagio, and next to Balley’s. You will find lots of restaurants near by and shopping, as well as the great food/gambling/shopping located inside this hotel. The main reason I loved this hotel is that we were able to find a great deal on Priceline. We stayed here, during July, for only $75 a night. That is crazy if you compare it to other hotels nearby. I highly suggest using priceline to book your stay. (not an ad) That is how we ALWAYS find good deals. You will feel like you actually went to Paris when staying at this hotel, it is definitely romantic and gorgeous in detail. For more information on the hotel and what it has to offer, click here.

Drink PLENTY of Water

This is just something you cannot forget about when in Vegas. Remember even though there is so much around, you are in the middle of the desert and it feels that way. Stay hydrated, especially if you are participating in adult beverage opportunities. 😉 I suggest going to the local convenience store and loading up. Also, do this for snacks and drinks so that you aren’t overspending. Although there is a lot of free stuff to do in Vegas, the things that aren’t free can really add up quickly.

We hope you enjoyed this BLOG and enjoy your upcoming trip to Vegas! If you have been to Vegas, comment below your must do’s, as I am sure we will be going back soon. 🙂

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Until next time…. XOXO ❤

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Who are we you ask?! Well… We are a husband and wife travel duo who currently have career as high school teachers. We love teaching our youth and sharing our experiences with the next generation, but our sincere passion is traveling. Husband’s name is Vicente and wife’s name is Kirsten and we are so excited to begin this journey with you! There is nothing more we love doing then seeing the world, and bringing back all the do’s/don’t’s/how to’s/and hot spots to our loved ones, so we figured why not share those tips with you?!

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