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Houston Staycation

May 27, 2018 K&V got married right here in Houston, TX. So this year we decided to do a little staycation for our First WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to celebrate. There are SO many things to do in Houston, that we actually let ourselves feel like tourists and enjoy new experiences…. and here they are. 🙂

So V and I decided to get a hotel downtown and really enjoy the downtown living experience. We stayed at the ALOFT Downtown and we really enjoyed our stay. The staff was friendly and they had a nice rooftop area that we spent our following morning up by the pool. We suggest it if you want something nice, but are on a bit of a budget. If you have some money to spare, we HIGHLY suggest staying at the Houston Marriott Marquis. They have a Texas shaped pool with a lazy river and you will never want to leave there. It also over looks Discovery Green.

So the first day we leave our hotel and head to Phoenicia Specialty Foods to grab some lunch for a picnic at Discovery Green. We LOVE this place, because it reminds us of a European Market. They have varieties of food from all over, so you can pretty much find whatever you are craving. They also have a plethora of desserts, wine, beer, and cheese! If you know me, you know I love a good wine and cheese pairing. So we get our food (I got chicken pot pie and red velvet cheesecake, V got a shawarma with rice and beans – YUM!) and walked right around the block to Discovery Green where we had us a picnic.

DISCOVERY GREEN is a MUST DO in Houston. Especially on the weekends and if you have a family. There is always something going on. As we walked up we passed kids playing on the playground or in the splash pads, people were doing yoga, they were racing sailboats in the lake, and there was even kayaking!!! There are food trucks and ice cream trucks lined up for you and at certain times they have live music and events going on. During the winter time, they actually have an ice skating rink built in over the lake for all to enjoy. All of this is right in the heart of down town. Again, we highly recommend it.

Next we took an uber over to the EADO district (East Downtown) and headed to the 8th Wonder Brewery. This place obviously sells beer if you would like to try some GREAT local Houston brew, but the reason we love it is the INSTA WORTHY photo opportunities. They have the well known WE HEART HOUSTON sign, great murals, and the infamous Statues of the Beatles… YES, THE BEATLES! It will have you humming “Hey Jude…” or at least it did that for V. I don’t feel I can even give them justice by describing how amazing these monuments are. Imagine looking up to see your idols standing 36 feet tall!!!! It is incredible, and really something you just have to see for yourself.

Afterwards, we went right across the street to Truck Yard. This place is probably my absolute favorite hang out. You walk in and it is just so eclectic. They use parts found from junk yards, to make something incredible. Please watch the VLOG to get the full effect. They have signs, trucks, tables, chairs, and even a Ferris Wheel that have been restored. You can actually ride the Ferris Wheel for only $10. They also have a variety of food trucks each day, 2 bars, murals by local artists, Houston clothing for sell, and they have great cheese steaks for sell at all times. This is a great place to bring your friends/dogs/kids before 9 and just enjoy live music.

Next we went for a nice dinner to celebrate our Anniversary at Brenners on the Bayou. Y’all….. This Steak…. I mean, I’ve dreamed about this steak. I can’t even write about it without getting hungry. It is the BEST steak I have ever had (PS drop a comment with the best steak you’ve ever had so I can try for myself) but it is legendary! If you go, you have to get it with truffle butter on top, don’t worry you can thank me later. So we had steak and lobster and mac & cheese and jumbo asparagus and we ate WAY too much. We were also gifted by the restaurant an ice cream brownie sundae with Happy Anniversary scripted in chocolate syrup. The food is unbelievably good, but the view is even better. It overlooks the Houston Bayou and is heavily decorated with fountains, bridges and gorgeous flowers, as you can see from the pictures/video below. We decided to next go back to the hotel and hang out for the rest of the evening.

The next day is Memorial day, so as I said before, we spent the morning at our Hotel’s roof top area and enjoyed the pool and the views. After that we did a little wedding day reminiscing.

We went and ate at Poblano’s Mexican Grill (best queso ever) and ordered the meal that they catered for us the night of our wedding. Juan is the owner and is one of the nicest guys we have ever met, so go see him! We ate chicken and beef fajitas and drowned ourselves in that delicious queso before heading back to our apartment. They also have some really great barbacoa breakfast tacos. From there we watched our wedding video, ate the top tier of our wedding cake, and celebrated one year with a glass of champagne.

All in all we had an amazing First Anniversary and hope you gained some fun new things to do in Houston. I want to do this all of the time, because it was so amazing for us to explore our city and find new experiences. I truly felt like a tourist.

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Houston Staycation

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