Travel with a budget

How to travel for FREE in 2022

In this article we are going to tell you how we can afford to travel to different parts of the world for virtually no money, for free.

free travel
How to travel for FREE


Hello everyone, hope ya’ll have had a wonderful beginning of 2022 and hopefully ya’ll are planning on traveling soon. This is the year, after 2 years of being confined in our apartment, we are finally getting out and traveling again internationally. So far, we have done a trip to the Dominican Republic and will be doing a trip to Mexico (Guanajuato city) soon. We are excited and ready to travel the world and the best thing about it, all our trips this year will be virtually FREE!!!
(all we pay are taxes, that’s it!)



A question we get asked often is “How can you afford to travel so often?” or “What is ya’lls secret, do you have high paying jobs?” and the answer is simple, no we don’t have high paying jobs (we are teachers lol) and the real reason why we travel often is simple… WE FLY FOR FREE WITH CREDIT CARD MILES.

free travel
free travel

For those of you who do not know, credit cards that come with air miles are the best ones to get and usually come with enough miles to get you anywhere in the USA to Europe and back, for FREE!  Some credit cards come with requirements and some don’t, but they are 100 % worth it.


There has to be a catch right?
NOPE! No catch, 100% legit. Well, I guess the only catch is you have to spend a certain amount of money with the credit card and once you reach that quantity, then you get the free miles. But the way to get around this is by using your credit card to buy things you already buy every day.
Also, you need to have good credit to qualify for these cards.

Go to San Francisco for FREE


How much does the average person spend a month? Statistically, the average American spends approximately $2000 a month on food, drinks, clothing, gas, bills and subscriptions like Netflix, Disney plus, etc. Guess what the average American uses to pay those $2000….yes, their debit card. If instead of using your debit card you use your credit card, not only will you be spending the required amount to earn the free miles, you will also be earning miles on your purchases. EASY PEASY – FREE MILES.

Aim for them FREE miles


The trick to this is to pay off your credit card, in full, every time you use it. We pay it off every 2 weeks, so whatever we spent those two weeks we pay it off in full. This way you don’t accumulate interest charges and you are always at $0.00 balance on your credit card. It takes discipline, not much, but you have to set some reminders to pay off the credit card and not go crazy with it. If you know yourself and you know that you have a spending problem, then maybe this method is not for you. But if you can control yourself and have some discipline, then this method can take you around the world for free.

Fly to NYC for FREE

We have been to Europe 3 times, Mexico 2 times, Dominican Republic, and a couple of El Paso trips ALL FOR FREE using this method. The key too is to apply for multiple credit cards that have this offer, there’s a lot out there.

You’re already paying with your debit card, switch and use your credit card and rack up some miles


The one we have, which will be taking us to Mexico for free in March, is the United Explorer Mileage Plus credit card which is partnered with United Airlines. It doesn’t take much to apply and once you get approved, I think the requirement is to spend $3000 in 3 months and you will receive 50,000 air miles. That is enough for a couple of trips to NYC (round trip) for free. If you are interested in applying, use this link which will take you to their page for you to apply. It is our affiliate link so if you do qualify we get an extra 10,000 miles as well. You see, there are various ways to get free miles.




American Airlines also has credit card mile programs that are just as good as United’s. There is no affiliate link for American Airlines one, however the link to apply is easy to find, just google American Airlines credit card and you will see plenty of options.
There are literally dozens of credit cards that offer free air miles just for signing up. Again, there is a minimum spending amount that must be reached before you get the miles, but those are easy to achieve. Just use your credit card for every day purchases and pay off your credit card every month so you dont accumulate debt.


Hopefully this article brought you some valuable advice on traveling hacks and how to travel for free. If so, please like, share and subscribe to our blog, as well as our youtube and instagram pages (both @kasventures).

If you need more information we are happy to help you with free advice on how this works, just send us a message and we will reply asap.

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By kasventures

Who are we you ask?! Well… We are a husband and wife travel duo who currently have career as high school teachers. We love teaching our youth and sharing our experiences with the next generation, but our sincere passion is traveling. Husband’s name is Vicente and wife’s name is Kirsten and we are so excited to begin this journey with you! There is nothing more we love doing then seeing the world, and bringing back all the do’s/don’t’s/how to’s/and hot spots to our loved ones, so we figured why not share those tips with you?!

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