My Pick Pocket Experience in Europe By A Woman

This is a story of my first experience being pick pocketed in Prague and how it all unfolded.


My very first time going to Europe, I had no idea what I was going to encounter. A whole new world, new languages, new cultures, new time zones, everything was new. I was your typical 23 year old man, a little immature, I new nothing about the world but I thought I knew everything. I graduated from street smarts university so no one would ever take advantage of me. HA, boy I was so wrong.

Me at 23


A group of friends and I went to Europe for the world cup in Germany in 2006. Before going to Germany, we made a stop in Prague. I was mesmerized by its beauty, architecture, culture and history. My first time in Prague was amazing. We went to the town square and up one of the towers at Karluv Most. We also went to the old town of Prague and saw the castle; the simple fact that I was there was like a dream to me.

There were a lot of new things I kept seeing as the days passed. One thing I kept noticing often was a sign for tourists to beware of pick pocketers. I found it funny that there were actual street signs warning tourist to stay alert. I even took a picture of the sign and put it somewhere on my myspace page. I thought to myself “people have to be really dumb to get their wallet stolen in plain sight.” Little did I know…

pick pocket sign in Europe


We went to a popular dance club near the square on the second night in Prague. It was my first time at a club in Europe and I was impressed. The women were beautiful and the men looked like models, luckily I look like a model too so I fit right in. LOL JK. The night went on like usual, couple of drinks, walked the club, and danced a little to European rave music. In my head I was thinking of a way to approach one of the women there and ask her to dance, but I never got the courage to do it so I ended up leaving the club early.

The club had different levels, I believe it had four. I tried looking for some of my friends but the place was too full and it was impossible to find them so I decided to leave on my own. The hotel was not too far from the club but it was a long walk so I decided to get a taxi. I checked my pockets and I had a 1000 Czech Koruna (about $50 dollars at the time). That was more than enough to get me to the hotel and maybe a late night meal.

collection of banknotes with dollar bill on top


As I was walking to find a taxi, an attractive woman approached me and started speaking to me in a language I could only assume was Czech. I smiled and she smiled back. She was attractive, blonde hair, green eyes, she had on a black skirt that matched her top and heels. I assumed she must have walked out of the club too because there were not that many people walking by the square.

She was very friendly and tried having a conversation with me, she even put her arm around me! I was so excited and nervous all at once. I thought to myself, “I’m in a foreign country and a pretty woman just approached me and started flirting with me, this must be my lucky night!”

portrait of blond haired woman in black coat


She was very flirty and was trying to tell me something but I could not understand what she was saying. She kept hinting that she wanted to walk another direction, which I assumed was the direction of her place. My spider-man instincts kicked in and I started feeling a little weird about the whole situation. I politely declined her invitation and started walking towards my hotel. She then tried one last time to hint me what she really wanted and grabbed my pants with both hands, pulled me in and made a thrusting move letting me know she wanted to “you know what”.

I thought to myself “Jesus is watching me and he would not approve of this” LOL, no but honestly the way she grabbed me and the way she thrusted was way too much for me so I got very weirded out and politely pushed her away. I started walking away and she walked the other direction. “Crazy woman” I thought to myself. Not one block from the square, I found a taxi. I got in and told him to drive me to my hotel.

macro shot photography of taxi lamp


The drive was quick, maybe 10 minutes or less. I got out and as I put my hands into my pockets to retrieve the 1000 Korunas, I realized I did not have them. I frantically checked all my pockets but could not find them. The taxi driver was irritated and was demanding his money. It suddenly hit me and realized the woman who was flirting with me earlier, wasn’t really flirting. She was pick pocketing me!

Now I understand why she pulled me in, she put her hands in my pockets and somehow took the bill out. My idiot self thought a random beautiful woman wanted to hook up with me just because. HA!

So I had to go inside to get more money from my luggage to pay the taxi driver.

serious man driving taxi in city


If you’re in Prague (or anywhere in the world for that matter) and a beautiful woman starts flirting with you at random, for no reason whatsoever, without you trying……RUN! You are not that attractive LOL.

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