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Best neighborhoods for Christmas Lights in Houston!

If you are looking for the best, most vibrant Christmas lights in the Houston area, then look no further! We have driven around and found our 4 MUST GO TO neighborhoods to check out lights this holiday season. Whether your family has the tradition to look at houses on Christmas Eve, you are looking for an impressive date night, or just need a COVID friendly activity to enjoy with friends or little ones, this blog is made for you! Each of these neighborhoods will put you into the Christmas Spirit and for a brief moment you will feel like all is right with the world. Special shout out to these families for putting all of this together for everyone. You really do make people so happy with your lights. ❤

River Oaks

This neighborhood is one of the most talked about places to go see Christmas lights in the Houston area, and there is a reason for it! The houses alone will make you want to drive through there and wonder what it would be like to live in them, and then when you add lights… let’s just say you will not be disappointed. It is worth the drive to down town! You will see people getting out to take pictures, carriages taking people through the neighborhood and light displays to turn anyone into a believer. This neighborhood does get a little crowded, so be sure to plan accordingly. I suggest getting out and walking around if you have the time or it isn’t too cold.

To find this neighborhood, you will start at the corner of San Felipe St. and River Oaks Blvd.

The Heights

Usually this is the place to be during the Holiday season! Every year they put on a block party and you can go out and see the festive lights and hang out with friends or make new ones. This year looks different due to COVID, but the fun is still to be had! The lights are out and they are unlike others we have seen. There are a bunch of dinosaurs on the green lawn area that you can get out and walk around to see. Also, most houses are decorated, so drive around and enjoy. One house that stood out to me was right in front of the green. They were playing “It’s a Wonderful Life” and had a little couch out front, so feel free to stop by and watch a Christmas Classic.

To get here, type in the address 3000 Norhill Dr. and you will arrive in the heart of the area.

Pin Oak Village

Located in Katy, this one really surprised me! I didn’t know about this until we went and I will go back each year. There was a certain street, Breezy Bend dr., that you could tell all the neighbors get together to make it special. There was a house playing cartoons, one with fake snow, and one even had a real life Santa Claus for you to say hello to as you drove by. The kids are sure to love this house! Also, a lot more houses in the neighborhood were decorated so you need to drive around, but Breezy Bend Dr. really stood out to us!

To get to this neighborhood, drive South down Pin Oak from I-10 and then turn left into the neighborhood at the light, just after the Cicis.

Pecan Grove

I saved the best for last in my opinion! Pecan Grove is located in Richmond, Tx and is the best neighborhood I have ever seen for Christmas lights! After driving around for half an hour we were like okay let’s get home but then we would turn onto another street and say “just one more” and this went on for almost another hour. This neighborhood goes ALL OUT to make it a total experience for their visitors. There was a house that had 30+ trees out front decorated, one that had a dance party, others that showed movies playing, lights synced to music, hay rides, and so much more! Each street seemed better than the one before. If you want to spend a good amount of time looking at lights and never be bored, then you HAVE to check out Pecan Grove. I’ve truly never been so impressed by Christmas decorations in my life!

To get here, take 99 South and exit Harlem then take a right and it will be on your right. No matter where you start, you will find beautiful displays of lights in this neighborhood.

Remember when you are driving through these neighborhoods to be courteous to those who live here. Turn off your car lights and drive slow. Also, do not make too much noise or walk all over people’s lawns, as it is their place of residence. They are doing so much to make us happy, so be nice back.

If you have any neighborhoods that we missed and should be on this list, PLEASE comment below. We would love to go see more neighborhoods and more lights!

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Until next time…. XOXO 

By kasventures

Who are we you ask?! Well… We are a husband and wife travel duo who currently have career as high school teachers. We love teaching our youth and sharing our experiences with the next generation, but our sincere passion is traveling. Husband’s name is Vicente and wife’s name is Kirsten and we are so excited to begin this journey with you! There is nothing more we love doing then seeing the world, and bringing back all the do’s/don’t’s/how to’s/and hot spots to our loved ones, so we figured why not share those tips with you?!

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