Houston, TX

Houston Zoo Lights

Are you looking for a magical Christmas experience right here in Houston? Then you HAVE to go to the Houston Zoo for their Annual Zoo Lights event. I was so impressed with the decorations, activities, and even the changes to accommodate for COVID, that I give this experience a 10/10 review. The Houston Zoo is the closest thing to Christmas magic, South of the North Pole.


The display of lights here at the Houston Zoo is like no other I’ve ever seen before! Everything was lit gorgeously! From the moment you walk in you are mesmerized with displays of lights and music to accompany them. What I really love about their light displays are the picture opportunities that come with it. I got so many cute pictures with baby Vinny, and those were the ones I didn’t wait in line for! You and the kiddos will fall in love with Zoo lights and will want to make it a tradition to return next year!


They do have a carousel and it is still open now. You can buy passes online ahead of time for unlimited rides. It is toward the end of the experience as well. The only problem you’ll have is trying to get your kids to leave! 


Something I was fascinated with was the fake snow! There is an area that as you are walking through, they have fake snow blowing out. I may or may not have twirled underneath as if I were a little kid. They also have fire pits spread throughout where you can purchase the stuff to make s’mores, or just warm up. The tunnel of lights was another favorite of mine! It made for great pictures as well. The animals aren’t out, but they do have light displays and fake animals throughout for you to enjoy.


This year due to COVID, you do have to buy your tickets ahead of time and choose a certain time slot to enter. You cannot go in until your time, so don’t rush to get there too early or you’ll be waiting outside. To purchase your tickets and carousel passes, click here.

Nothing will be available for purchase at the gate.

The Houston Zoo lights was such a fun experience for us as adults and our 3 month old baby. Everywhere you turn there are beautiful displays of lights and people having the best time! It truly puts the magic into this crazy year and brings the Christmas spirit to all.

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Until next time…. XOXO 

By kasventures

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