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Rudolph’s Light Show

Houston has it’s very own Drive Through Christmas Light Show and it is AMAZING!!!! It is called Rudolph’s Lightshow and is located in Tomball, right outside of Houston. We went this Saturday and even though it is only the first week of November, I am totally in to the Christmas spirit now. Don’t mind me if you hear me blaring Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” as I sweat in this Texas heat. But anyways, this place is magical and so much fun for the entire family. It is also PERFECT for socially distancing and enjoying the season, as you never leave the comfort of your car. Below is everything you need to know before you go!


Tickets can be bought online at the link below or when you arrive. The cost is $30 per car if you buy them ahead of time online (what a steal) or $35 if you get them when you arrive. Click HERE to get your tickets. They also have a RE-RUN option. If you loved the lights so much you want to go again, you can pay $10 and you will go around to the entrance and start over. 🙂


November 1st, 2020- January 3rd, 2021 from 6:30PM-11PM every day

Something I love about this is that when you buy the ticket, you aren’t buying for a specific day, you can go any time between these dates. If you have kids, you know how important that is because things come up and plans aren’t always easy to stick to!


Rudolph’s Lightshow is located at: 19623 Bauer Road, Hockley, TX 77447

We recommend using GPS navigation for turn by turn directions (Google or Apple Maps). *This is copied directly from their website 🙂

 From central Houston, take US-290 W and exit Bauer Road.

Alternatively, take TX-99 West and exit Mueschke Road. Then take FM2920 (also known as Waller-Tomball Road) to Bauer Road.

You’ll see signs indicating when you are close to the entrance.


It will feel like you are in the middle of no where, and you may not be sure you are going the right way, but YOU ARE. There aren’t signs until you get close, so keep going and enjoy the backroads.


There are OVER a million lights here! How crazy is that?! It is so perfectly put together, too. The most amazing thing about it is that they have their own radio station and the lights are synced up to the music. They have you turn your dial to 98.3fm, don’t worry they will remind you when there if you forget, and you listen to Christmas favorites as the lights dance along. They even had little Santa heads that were singing the songs! It is super impressive, you’ll have to see for yourself. Vinny, our son, is only 2 months old and this was his first Christmas experience so I was so excited to take him! His little head was just going side to side trying to take in all of the lights. It was the cutest thing! These lights are worth the drive!

Drive Thru:

From the moment you arrive until you leave, you never exit your car. This makes it perfect for those who are worried about missing out on Christmas festivities during the pandemic. You drive up to the entrance and they guide you to get in line behind other cars. The entire time you drive through the lights, you are going no more than 2-3 MPH, so do be prepared to be patient as you await your turn. Once you finish, you just drive out the exit. It took us about 25 minutes to get through the lights and it was the perfect amount of time to soak up all 1 million plus of them!


There are none. I think this is important to note in case you thought you would buy a cup of hot cocoa when there. This is actually a good thing, because you can pack your own thermos of hot cocoa (or coffee if you’re like me) and your favorite Christmas cookies without having to worry about purchasing the usual over priced goodies that most places sell. Like I mentioned, you never leave your car, so having refreshments isn’t very practical here. They do have t-shirts and light up accessories for sale if you want though!

Sneak Peek:

I wasn’t able to get many pictures of this place, and pictures wouldn’t do it justice anyways, so you really just need to go and experience it for yourself. BUT check out our vlog below for a sneak peek of the fun you will have when you do go and to see some of the lights ahead of time.

We truly hope you enjoy this blog and this holiday season! Rudolph’s Light Show is new this year, so get there before the hype so you can say you were one of the first! Again, it is the most pandemic friendly place to go that doesn’t feel like you are in a pandemic. You will feel nothing but the magic of Christmas here! Let us know of any other cool spots around Houston to check out Christmas lights for our upcoming holiday adventures! 🙂

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Until next time…. XOXO 

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