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The FC Barcelona Experience : Going To An Actual Match in Camp Nou

If you are visiting Barcelona, then the FC Barcelona Experience is a must for you. This article will help you how to do the FC Barcelona experience to the max


VISCA BARCA!! We are huge fans of the city of Barcelona and their Soccer team is one of the best in the world. If you don’t know anything about soccer, you still know about FC Barcelona, they’re just that amazing. V is a SUPER FAN of Barcelona, so for his birthday I decided to get him the full FC Barca experience

I want to share it with you, because we have been to Barcelona quite a few times, and this was my FAVORITE memory of any trip I have taken there. It is worth going if you are a super fan, like V, or a more recent, trying to still figure out what off sides means kind of fan, like me. 😉 Check out the details below of how to experience the same level of fun we did!


To get you pumped for the game and to see the players in action, we suggest you stop by the official FCB store. Obviously so that you can load up on fan gear (which I will get to next), but also because it is REALLY cool inside!

The entrance has a screen with the players walking by waving or juggling the ball, there are little exhibits throughout, and they have a plethora of clothing for you to look through.

We suggest you go to the Women’s section on the top floor, as they have historical artifacts throughout FCB history. Going to this store will just get you hyped up for the event you will be going to that evening.

Address: Ronda de la Universitat, 37, 08007 Barcelona, Spain


You have to purchase fan gear, unless you are a super fan already and brought your own from home, this is a must! We suggest for clothing items, you go to the Official Barcelona store, or the Nike store.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by the knock off stores, they will have signs that say official and they charge you the official prices, but they are actually counterfeit products. The official stores will have security, that is your major tip in figuring out if it is real or fake.

For the game day scarves, FCB scarves, beanies and other accessories, we suggest buying them from the tables set up right in front of the stadium. We tried to go to random shops and they were surcharging the scarves.

The stores were selling the game day scarves for $25-30, while the table sold them for $15. The FCB scarf we purchased and beanie were only $10 each, it was a steal.


Take the Metro! This is your safest bet and quickest way to the Stadium. You will see lots of people heading that way, so just follow along if you aren’t sure. Also, when your purchase your tickets, it comes with directions on how to enter the stadium, including which exit to get off of on the Metro.

WARNING: The subway gets SUPER crowded after the game, so be prepared to wait 45 minutes to and hour. V and I decided to try to walk back, we walked for about an hour and then got a taxi the rest of the way, so really you aren’t saving any time by doing it our way.

We like exploring, so for us it was fun, but that is up to you. 🙂


The Barcelona tailgating experience is like no other! There were hundreds of people outside the stadium, enjoying beverages, chanting and setting off fireworks. Everyone was getting pumped for the game and you could just feel the excitement!!

Also, if you get to the stadium an hour early you will see the fan section parade in with their drums and everyone gather around them and chant Visca Barca! Also, there were huge marionettes dancing around as someone played music from a loud speaker.

I have tailgated before, and NOTHING compares. I went to Texas State and even I hadn’t seen a tailgate like this! 😉 People will tell you they do not tailgate, that it is an American thing, but this is tailgating. Get there early and prepare to have fun!

Overall, it was a uniquely fun experience and got everyone hyped up for a Barcelona win!


Never in my life have I experienced anything quite like this game! I mean the chanting that went on, the respect for the game and one another, seeing Messi so close…. My mind was blown! If you are a soccer fan, or not, you have to go and experience this at least once in your life.

We happened to be there for Messi’s 700th game and I felt so honored to see him play. PLUS it was a Champions game! Also, it was V’s birthday… so you know we had the BEST time! Both teams played well, but Barcelona came out victorious, 3-1. You will have to watch the vlog below to get a better idea of what we experienced, but I cannot express to you enough how much you HAVE to go see a game!

Like go, book your ticket right now! Or, come with us next year for a game 😉 For more information on FC Barcelona, and to look into booking your game tickets, click here.


Okay so most people don’t know about this, but if you go to the museum and enter the stadium to the right, through the Roma Lounge, you will enter the VIP area. So there is an elevator, you take it to the third floor and go up.

Now you have to act confident, like you belong, and no one will say anything. We went up, got free drinks and food, picture opportunities, and got to see more FC Barcelona memorabilia. It was the cherry on top of our whole FC Barca experience!!


No matter what time of year you go to Barcelona, you should visit the Stadium and Museum. Whether you can make it to a game or not, you still cannot miss out on the FC Barca experience! The museum is so cool, and there is nothing like being inside Camp Nou!

To be at the field where some of the greatest of all time have played is incredible. You can also go up to the Roma Lounge when here and you will get a great view of the entire stadium and get to see even more memorabilia.

The Stadium and Museum tour is a must do in Barcelona. For more information on tickets, click here.

V and I are going to start a travel group for people who would like to go and experience a game at the infamous Camp Nou for next year, so if you are interested, comment below or message us! We would love to have you join us for the FC Barca experience of your dreams!

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Until next time…. XOXO 


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