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How to get 1,000 likes on your INSTAGRAM after your San Francisco Vacay!

Photographers will love this blog. When visiting San Francisco, you will find hundreds of photo opportunities for your Instagram, here are our top pics 4 u


Want to get all the likes on your Instagram photos?! Looking for the best photo opportunities while vacationing in San Francisco? This is our blog on the MOST INSTAGRAM WORTHY SPOTS IN SAN FRANCISCO!

Well we have done the research and got the addresses/tips here for you below. This was such a fun blog/vlog to do, just walking around and finding cool places and getting all the pictures we could, while trying to pump up our own likes! 😉

Below I will include descriptions of each place and the address, so you can know where to send your Uber. When in San Francisco, don’t miss out on any of these AMAZING Photo Opps! 🙂

Painted Ladies

Okay so I had to put this at the top because we all grew up on Full House and this is half the reason we all want to go to San Francisco anyway, right? To get a picture in front of the Tanner’s house. The Painted Ladies are right across the street from Alamo Square, so you can hang out for a bit in the park and get your photos out front of the Painted Ladies.

There are always people here in the afternoon, so I suggest you get there early. Even if people are there, they will move out of the way if you ask, just have your pose ready to go. 🙂

Address: Steiner St &, Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Palace of Fine Arts

If you read my San Francisco on a budget blog (click here to read it) then you already know that this is my FAVORITE spot in all of San Francisco! It’s nearly impossible to get a bad photo here. The Palace of Fine Arts is a gorgeous piece of infrastructure that makes you feel as if you are in Greece.

Be sure to walk around the entire Palace and get pictures from different angles. There are even ducks to feed if you’d like to bring a little bread and make a family afternoon of it. Do not go to San Francisco and not come here.

Address: 3601 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Golden Gate Bridge

Warning! Do not go to the Golden Gate Bridge during the morning, especially during the summer, if you are wanting to get good photos. We made that mistake and got nothing but fog.

Luckily we went back our last evening and were able to get some! Go to the Bridge after 3 pm and take pictures at the site, and then we suggest you walk down to the left of the bridge to Baker Beach and get some more insta worthy photos.

Another warning: Baker Beach is a nude beach, so beware if the kiddos are around. There aren’t many people down there though, so your pictures should come out looking as if it’s just you and the bridge.

Address: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Cupid’s Span

This is one of the best insta spots we found our entire vacay! You have to go check out Cupid’s Span when in San Francisco, plus it’s right beside my next spot, so you get a two for one.

Go with your loved one, or feel free to steal my pose and go solo to truly wow your followers! I am pretty proud of my photographer’s angles (shout out to V)! 😉

Address: The Embarcadero & Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

Bay Bridge

This bridge is so beautiful and even though it has less hype than the Golden Gate Bridge, I highly recommend you make time to go see the Bay Bridge. PLUS it is right next to Cupid’s Span, so you gotta go.

I suggest going around sunset so you can see the bridge and get your photos, then hang out in front of Cupid’s Span and watch the sunset on the greenery there. The bridge lights up at night and is simply gorgeous. We got drinks and spent about 2 hours just relaxing and enjoying the view. Definitely a nice romantic spot! ❤

Address: San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Hearts

You will see San Francisco is decorated with these cute hearts that you can get plenty of photos with. Make it a point to get a picture with each one you pass. There is a great one with a good view at Pier 39!

MY favorite heart and the one I feel is most insta worthy though, is located in Union Square. This heart is decorated with the most infamous attractions of San Francisco on one side, and on the other side it says “Left My Heart in San Francisco.

They make for amazing photo opps, and then you can enjoy all the fun and shopping in Union Square.

Address: 333 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Cable Car

The famous Cable Cars are a MUST when in San Francisco! I know Full House fans remember Uncle Jesse hanging off the side of the cable car and wanna duplicate that moment, and you should!!

You can pay $7 to ride the cable car and use this as means of transportation as well, but be prepared to wait in line for a bit. What we did, is found one of the cable cars that had dropped passengers off and took our chance to get some photos.

If you’re feeling brave do this! We were the ONLY people on the car and got to do a couple poses. Take your time, hang out near the cars, and wait for your moment to hop up, it’s for the gram!

Address: 2350 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Lombard Street

When in San Francisco, you have to go to the Most Crooked Street in the World! Getting a great photo is a little tricky as there are lots of people and cars going through, but it’s totally worth the try. Walk down or up Lombard Street and try not to get dizzy!

Lombard Street is a unique experience for sure. Plus there are lots of cute flowers planted at the bottom, so you are sure to get some good pics!

Address: 1070 Lombard Street, San Francisco, California 94109

Pop Up Art

While walking around San Francisco you are going to find so many talented displays of pop up art. Never pass up a moment to get a photo in front of any of them!

We found quite a few great opportunities near the Painted Ladies, and also on our way down to China Town from Lombard Street. Have fun and get creative throughout San Francisco!

Address: ALL AROUND the TOWN of San Francisco, CA 94117

Pier 39

Okay there are plenty of pic opps here at Pier 39! Between the carousel, Alcatraz, the San Francisco hearts in front with the water and Alcatraz as a background and so much more, you’ll be sure to snap plenty of photos. Be sure to go here, hang out, and snap away!

My favorite pic opp from Pier 39 was actually the flower wall entrance of a local shop. No need to purchase anything for the pic either. My advice is to take some time and really enjoy all that the Pier has to offer.

Mission Dolores Park

Mission Dolores Park was so much fun and so live with energy and action. I suggest if you are here for a few days that you spend one evening hanging out here. There are people playing games, eating, drinking, listening to music, and just enjoying each other’s company.

All of this action makes for a great background. Also, the infamous Golden Fire Hydrant of San Francisco is right by the park, so be sure to get your photo with it as well. Edit it like ours to really make the gold pop. 😉

Address: Dolores St &, 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Victorian Houses

A bonus spot we liked taking pictures in front was the Victorian Houses directly to the left of the Painted Ladies. There was no one in front of them and the flowers growing in front made for a nice pop! While at the Painted Ladies, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

AddressSteiner St &, Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94117

San Francisco is such a gorgeous city that I am sure there are plenty more picture opportunities, but these are sure to attract followers to your Instagram. If you want to see our page for more photo inspiration, click here. Comment below your favorite insta worthy picture from this article! 🙂

Don’t forget to comment, like and share our posts from Instagram/YouTube/Pinterest.

Until next time…. XOXO ❤

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Who are we you ask?! Well… We are a husband and wife travel duo who currently have career as high school teachers. We love teaching our youth and sharing our experiences with the next generation, but our sincere passion is traveling. Husband’s name is Vicente and wife’s name is Kirsten and we are so excited to begin this journey with you! There is nothing more we love doing then seeing the world, and bringing back all the do’s/don’t’s/how to’s/and hot spots to our loved ones, so we figured why not share those tips with you?!

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