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Barcelona – The MUST DO’s

Final Stop on our Spanish Tour…. BARCELONA! I genuinely believe that Barcelona is my favorite city in the world. I try to go there as much as possible, and every time I go I find something new to do or see! It has EVERYTHING you could ask for. There is the beach, the city life, art, architecture, the most beautiful parks, great night life, yummy food, fun shopping, and more. I never get over how amazing it is, no matter how many times I have been, and I always get excited for my next trip there! Okay, okay… I will stop ranting about how much I love going there and how incredible the city is, because you probably already know that. When traveling to Barcelona, I suggest going here for at least a week, but I know that is not always feasible. So instead, let’s talk about the things you MUST DO when there, especially if you only have a couple of days.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a famous street in Barcelona, that you are sure to walk on. Las Ramblas is full of shopping, restaurants, home to the market, and leads you right to the beach from Plaza Catalunya. There are also plenty of places to buy souvenirs here (but they are a little more over priced than other places). I suggest planning to spend a bit of time here, and to go in the afternoon. I only suggest the afternoon, because that is when you will see the Human Statues , which are located at the end of the street, near the huge statue of Christopher Columbus. When you go to see the Human Statues, be sure to bring change with you, because they will expect this in return for pictures/videos with them. It is worth it, these people put A LOT of work into their outfits, so be sure to check it out. I do not suggest eating on Las Ramblas, unless you are okay with spending a little extra money. It is a nice place to sit and people watch and enjoy a meal, if you want to do it once, but know it will not be your most budget friendly meal. There is a place on Las Ramblas I do suggest though and that brings me to my next MUST DO…


LA BOQUERIA… Now this is one of my ABSOLUTE-HANDS-DOWN-CAN’T-MISS things to do in Barcelona… It’s only not first, so I could tell you where it is located. When walking down Las Ramblas from Plaza de Catalunya, it is going to be on your right hand side, about 5 minutes down. This place has it ALL and it is so inexpensive. If you are with a group of people, I highly recommend it, as I know finding something everyone likes can be difficult sometimes. My favorite things to get here are their fruit juices (which are only 1 Euro if you go towards the back), What I like to eat when at La Boqueria is the pineapple and coconut fresh squeezed juice, cheese and fresh fruit (Strawberries and pineapples). Yes I know, kind of a weird meal choice, but I don’t care because it is all of my favorite things! They have so many options though. They have tons of seafood options, pizza, ham (jamon), pasta, fruit, juices, nuts, candy, and more. If you are looking to sit down and eat/drink, there are a few places you can do that as well. Otherwise, plan to just get food and take it to the plaza to eat, or eat as you walk. Check out their website here for more. Also, look at our VLOG at the end to get full idea.


One of the things that makes Barcelona so unique, is it’s well balanced city and beach life. The beach here is GORGEOUS. Obviously, it is a bit seasonal, but you can go and see it at any time of the year. Be sure to bring your own towel with you, as people will be trying to sell you some for a bit of money. I love coming to the beach of Barcelona, laying out, swimming, and people watching but there are a couple of downfalls. The restaurants/bars at the beach are a bit pricey so I suggest packing snacks/beverages ahead of time. Also, it is a little hard to relax with all the people walking by every couple of minutes trying to sell you umbrellas, towels, massages, water, and mojitos. (PS don’t buy their mojitos, no matter how tempting it is.. they are soooo watered down!) One cool thing about the beach is on your way up, it is almost as if you are walking through an outlet mall (knock off version). There are people selling everything you could want and for cheap! They have knock off shoes, jerseys, hats, purses and they have really cheap souvenirs. I highly suggest waiting to get your souvenirs until here. Another fun thing about the beach is the night life. A lot of the popular clubs are on the beach, and so people will go here afterwards and hang out. So no matter what you are into, relaxing or partying, be sure to hit up the beach in Barcelona.


PARK GUELL… I have been here 3 times already, and I am still in awe of it’s beauty each time like it’s my first! Gaudi truly did genius work when putting together Park Guell. The way the art and the architecture come together, I have never seen anything like it. I suggest planning to spend a few hours here to really experience it. Also, if you go all the way to the top, you will find one of the BEST VIEWS of Barcelona. Do get your tickets ahead of time if you want to go into the section you can see from my pictures, you can get them here. If not, you may have to wait in line, or it may be sold out, but that’s okay. You can see most of the park without a ticket as well. Only one of my visits have we purchased tickets, and we still truly enjoyed it each time. One of my favorite memories in Barcelona is when V and I actually packed a picnic and ate it at the top, overlooking the view of the city… awwww ❤


Sagrada Familia is a truly remarkable place and something you cannot miss out on when in Barcelona. This Cathedral has been in the works for over a century! They say good things take time, so imagine the masterpiece that is the Sagrada Familia. There is so much detail in every square inch of the exterior, and the interior is so pristine and surreal. If you have time, I suggest going inside, you will leave feeling even more spiritual. You can get tickets here. If you don’t have that much time, you have to AT LEAST go and see it from the outside. There is no ticket to see the outside, just go there and enjoy the views. Be sure to walk around, and do not miss out on any hidden detail. If you go near the pond in front of the Cathedral, you can get a great picture of you and your group, as we did above. Someone will have to get pretty low in order to capture the entire thing, but just be sure to return the favor. Do not miss out on Spain’s most visited landmark!

*BONUS* Foodie Must Do

LAS FRITAS!!!!!!! Y’all I LOVE fries! I mean who doesn’t, right?! But I have a slight not so normal obsession, I could eat them for any meal, any time of the day. Especially if there are CHEESE on them. Las Fritas is the place I HAVE TO GO TO any time I go to Barcelona. They actually have two locations, one off the beach, and one near the Gothic Quarter. You can get a small one if you just want a snack, or if you get a medium, you will definitely be full. You order fries, and then choose your toppings. My go to is the dos queso y pimienta (two cheeses and green peppers). The cheese just pulls with every bite, as you can see from the pictured above. Also, you can get it with jamon (ham) or chili and cheese, and more. They come in these paper cones (cucuruchos) so you can eat it here or take it to go. This is a great meal for an even greater price. Be sure to stop and get it at least once on your trip.

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE THINGS TO DO IN BARCELONA. Barcelona is my favorite city because of all the incredible different things to do and see. These are just our absolutely cannot miss items. I promise to write more blogs on Barcelona soon, but I would love your help.

Please comment below your favorite things to do/see/eat in BARCELONA. We are going back in November, and we would love to hear from YOU. 🙂 

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Adios Amigos ❤

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