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When in Rome: Top 10 Things to Do

The third stop on our Honeymoon trip through Europe was to Rome, Italy. We had two days to spend here, and decided to make the MOST of it. We were so busy those two days and walked A LOT, but we did not want to miss a thing! Here are the top 10 things V and I think you MUST see when in Rome.

Number 10: Visit the Vatican! The only reason this is number 10, is because we actually didn’t do this on our Honeymoon, but we both HAVE done it, when we went to Rome separately (before the K&V dating era) and loved it. The Vatican is so beautiful, spiritual, and historical, making it a can’t miss. You can’t miss the chance to be awe-inspired by the murals and works of Michelangelo that adorn the Sistine Chapel’s walls and ceilings. I have heard people say they don’t want to go or aren’t sure that they will find it as incredible because they aren’t catholic, but that is NOT the case. Everyone will enjoy it and it is such a huge part of our world’s history. Plus, you will get to say you went to the SMALLEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! I do HIGHLY suggest you buy your tickets online ahead of time, or you will be waiting forever in line. Remember you cannot take pictures inside some parts, so just go and enjoy. 🙂

Number 9: Check out the Colosseum! As you walk into the city, you will not be able to miss this, but don’t just stop, take a picture, and move on…. make sure you walk around the entire outside of the Colosseum. You will get different angles and views from each side, and you will be grateful for the photo opportunities. I do suggest going inside and checking it out as well, and again buying your tickets online ahead of time. We did not go in, because as you know, we only were there 2 days and wanted to soak up as much of Rome as possible. Many friends and fellow travelers have told us that we should have though, so I say if you have a few days to spend, make sure you go in and let me know what we missed out on. This infrastructure is simply gorgeous, so be sure to spend some time taking it all in.

Number 8: Check out the Monumento Vittorio Emanuele! You have probably seen this building before, even if you weren’t sure what it is called. This magnificent, white marble building stands tall in the middle of Rome and is bound to catch your attention. Walk up, get your photos, and don’t forget to see the tomb of the unknown soldier with the eternal flame. You will be able to learn a lot more about Italian History if you go and check this monument as well. Go to the bottom of the steps, and you will be able to get incredible pictures with the monument as the background.

V in front of Monumento Vittorio Emanuele

Number 7: EAT!!!! Eat everything you can and every chance you get! The food in Italy, especially Rome, is some of the best food in the world!! I am pretty sure I gained at least 5 pounds, but it was SO worth it. I ate so much pasta, pizza, gelato, macaroons, and more. V’s favorite was Spaghetti Carbonara, he has tried to find it here in the states numerous times, and hasn’t found anything close. He loves mushrooms and bacon, so he was in heaven. My favorite has to be the gelato… I think in a 2 days span, I had gelato 3 times. It is soooo good, and perfect for a hot summer day. One place I suggest is Don Nino, it’s near the Spanish Steps, and you can get a macaroon in it. Also, one place we highly recommend is Rossopomodoro! I am not one to Instagram my food, or even finish an entire pizza by myself… but this pizza was that DANG GOOD! I want to go back just to eat here and have a few gelatos outside of the Piazza. 🙂

My second or third Gelato… @ Don Nino

Number 6: The Spanish Steps. These are located at a central part of the city, and are a major meeting point for people in Rome. They are gorgeous, and we highly suggest you looking into their history before traveling to Rome, to gain a better understanding or appreciation while there. The steps are also a good spot to just sit and relax for a bit, or grab a snack (preferably gelato) near by and people watch. The Spanish Steps also have a great view from the top. A lot of walking tours you can do around the city actually have this as their starting point, so you are bound to see them.

Number 5: Trevi Fountain!!! Okay…. so for real for real… this is MY FAVORITE SPOT! I could not wait to go to Rome, JUST for Trevi Fountain! Can you tell I am EXCITED?! I have a weird obsession (or normal if you ask me) with fountains and waterfalls, so of course I loved Trevi Fountain. This giant stone infrastructure is incomparable to any fountain I have ever seen. There are so many statues and little details in the fountain that make it stand above the rest. Trevi Fountain is located in the Quirinale district of Rome, so make sure you pack a coin and go make a wish. Also, we recommend getting there early, as it gets EXTREMELY crowded. You will find it hard to get a picture without hundreds of other people in the background. Trevi Fountain is guaranteed to be one of your favorite stops!

K & V @ Trevi Fountain

Number 4: The Pantheon. When you walk up and see the Pantheon for the first time, you will be so surprised and delighted. No picture prepared me for it’s beauty. Nothing compares to just walking up on it in person. Luckily for me, V made sure we walked up a street where you couldn’t see the Pantheon until you turned the corner, and I was mesmerized!! I do highly recommend going inside. If you do, you will surely be impressed by the dome ceiling with a hole cut out in the center, known as the “Eye of the Pantheon,” as well as the rest of the interior. There may be a long line to get in, but if you have the time, I suggest you stick it out, as the line does move pretty quickly. There is also a fountain area to sit and relax for a bit out front, as well as street performers.

V in front of the Pantheon

Number 3: Hang out in Trastavere. We really enjoyed going to this area and just walking around and feeling a little less touristy than in other parts of Rome. It is more of a relaxed vibe than the rest of the city, and made us feel more at home. We explored, ate great food, got really nice pictures of the narrow streets, enjoyed time in the Piazza, and more. You have to cross the river to get to this area, so you got a nice view of the main city from the other side as well. One of my favorite parts too was the vending machines they had on the street that sold a variety of items, including CHAMPAGNE. They were in these cute little bottles, so I could not resist. So again, Trastavere is a great place to go and get away from the crowds a little bit and have some really good food!

View of the Tiber River before entering Trastavere

Number 2: Visit the Jewish Ghetto. We actually just happened to stumble upon this after visiting Trastavere, we didn’t even know it was there. We walk up and see ancient ruins and decide to check it out. After exploring the ruins, we went inside of the Synagogue. Walking from one side to the next, and then through the Synagogue only took about an hour and a half, and we learned a lot about the city’s history. This was an unexpected gem for us on our trip.

Number 1: Piazza Navona. This is a plaza in Rome where you can go grab a bite to eat, people watch, relax, have a picnic, enjoy some street art, shop, see gorgeous fountains, and just enjoy Rome. Lots of street performers will be here, so if you want to see some great dancing or even a magic trick, this is the place to be. We enjoyed a nice break here after all of the walking we had done that day.

Piazza Navona

I hope this blog helps you figure out what to do on your next trip to Rome.

Please comment below your favorite things to do in Rome AND your favorite Italian dish. I want to check them out next time I am in Italy. 🙂

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CIAO for now. ❤

When in Rome – Top 10 things to do

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