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Top 5 Things to do in Athens, Greece

V and I started our Honeymoon in Athens, Greece, and we decided to put together a list of the top 5 things you MUST DO while in Athens just for YOU. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss out on any travel tips. 🙂

NUMBER 5. Monastiraki Square. This is one of the most central points of Athens, and there are PLENTY of things to see and do. You will find lots of shopping, entertainment, restaurants, bars, street food and it has the perfect view of the Acropolis. The square is also surrounded by ruins, so you will not be disappointed anywhere you go around here. One suggestion we have while here in the square, is to go to A for Athens. This is a rooftop bar right in the center of the square, overlooking it all. It has the perfect view of the Acropolis as well, and it is even gorgeous at night, as there are lights all around lighting up the Acropolis. Stop in for a drink or two, or even grab a bite to eat. We highly recommend this place. Plus, they handed out yummy popcorn as we enjoyed the view with our drinks, and if you know me, you will know i am OBSESSED with popcorn.

NUMBER 4. Let yourself GET LOST. I know that may sound a little iffy, but I promise you it is worth it! We had the BEST night of our whole honeymoon this evening, because we just wandered around, talked to locals, found the restaurants and the bars that were away from all of the tourists, and just had an overall amazing experience. We suggest that you start in Monastiraki Square since it will be easy to find your way back, and just go down one of the old streets to the side, versus going through the middle of the square. Also, be sure to do this during the day if you are alone, or if you are going at night to go in a group, safety is key. While exploring we ran into the cutest local restaurant and enjoyed some food on their outside patio area. The restaurant is called Taverne Platanos and I highly recommend you go there. There were locals sitting outside, just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, and it made us feel at home. We ordered domaldes and saganaki, which did NOT disappoint. They were SO good! Another cool find that stood out to us while getting lost was Cayoacan Bar. Talk about an incredible atmosphere… this place with it’s vibrant colors, rich Latin influence, unique decor and overall vibe made this a MUST VISIT for us. We were drawn in by the Spanish music, and maybe stayed for the OUZO. 🙂 So again, we highly suggest you allow yourself a little time to get lost.

NUMBER 3. Eat & Drink like the locals! As I mentioned above, there are so many places you can run into that have amazing food. The best way to find out these places is by interacting with the locals. We always try to engage with people on our trips, because it just enriches your experience, and you may get to see a side of the city people don’t usually get to see while on vacay. I recommend eating street food and gyros whenever possible, plus they are cheap and will help save you money. Also, talk to your uber drivers/tour guides/servers and see what they like to do and get their recommendations. You will only enhance your vacation this way. One place we do recommend that is a bit of a tourist spot, but totally worth it, is Smile Cafe. Their loukoumades are what dreams are made of! We also got souvlaki and gyros, and they did not disappoint. This place is actually on your way down from Acropolis, so make a plan to stop here and fill up afterwards.

NUMBER 2. Panathenaic Stadium, AKA the Hellenic Olympic Stadium. So as you know from our previous blog, we took a bike tour with Roll in Athens that took us all around the city, and this was one of our stops. (PS Roll in Athens with Dimos should be in our top 5, it was THE BEST TIME, so make sure you do this!) We were most excited for the Panathenaic Stadium stop on this tour, and spent quite a bit of time here. They have headsets for you to use, for free, that come in most languages and give you the history of the stadium as you walk around at your own pace. Make sure you run a lap around the stadium, and get you a picture on the First-Second-Third place blocks afterwards. I, K, came in first place…. well I ran more than V, which I didn’t even do the full lap (we were tired from the bike tour) so I won by default. 🙂 This stadium is such an iconic part of our world’s history, so be sure NOT to miss out!

NUMBER 1. Acropolis! I can honestly say that this is the most gorgeous and iconic place I have ever been. I stood in awe of all it’s beauty the entire time. There is NOTHING like it. We have traveled many places, and both agree this is our favorite, the rest of our list vary from one another slightly, but not this. (drop a comment below on the most iconic place you’ve ever seen) I do have to warn you, it is a pretty steep walk, and you will have to wait in a bit of a line when you get up to the top, but it is more than worth it. The view from below was good, but the view of the city from up top is breathtaking! Also, seeing the Parthenon up close and personal will have you never wanting to leave this city. We suggest getting pictures from the far end, away from the entrance, because that is where you will get the best angles, and the best view of the city down below. Do not miss out on the Acropolis if you go to Athens, you will regret it.

We know we probably missed a few things, so please comment below your favorite things to do while in Athens, Greece as well. Hopefully we will go back one day.

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