Athens, Greece – Bicycle Catastrophe

Disclaimer: No bicycles were terminally damaged in the making of this blog.

So I want to start off by saying Greece, especially Athens, has always been my (K’s) DREAM vacation! When V and I were first dating I told him I wanted to go to Greece more than anywhere else, and he told me that day (2 months into dating) we would go there for our Honeymoon… which made saying YES that much easier 🙂 So there we were, two years later… saying I do and boarding a plane to our month long Honeymoon adventure. First stop – Athens, Greece!

We land in Athens and the first thing we do is look into affordable city tours. We go into a hotel near the city center (which is what we usually do because they get good deals and know the ins and outs of the city) and inquire about bike tours. To our luck, they informed us about ROLL IN ATHENS and we called up our now friend Dimos Koudivis and the adventure began…

Dimos is an amazing tour guide! He showed us all of the big attractions such as the Pantheon and Panathenaic Stadium, as well as local pubs and briefed us on Greek History along the way. One of my favorite places was the Panathenaic (Olympic) Stadium – because you better believe I ran the lap and took pictures in the number one spot… I’m pretty much a gold medalist now (or so I claim). Something else really great about this tour was the built in photographer. Dimos constantly took pictures of us and for us. He helped capture incredible moments and knew the angles to shoot for. He was very helpful and so kind.

So as we were finishing up our 3 hour bike tour (didn’t feel so long with all of the picture opps and culture in between) V decides to go all metal to the pedal and breaks the pedal off the bicycle ! This meant that we were having to WALK back to city center… Luckily, it was fixable, but we had to find a wrench. V was asking every car stopped that we passed until FINALLY he found someone, and we were able to head back to headquarters. Upstairs from ROLL IN ATHENS, was Dimos’ apartment overlooking the city, where he took us up to his roof top patio for some cheese and OUZO (you have to try at least one shot – yes, it’s strong!) It was much needed after our biking adventures, so we may have had more than one… Dimos showed nothing but amazing Greek hospitality and I highly recommend you take his tour.

The next day we did a self tour of the Acropolis and it is worth EVERY line and all of the stairs. If you go to Athens, do not leave with out seeing the Acropolis.

Below are pictures and videos of our time on the ROLL IN ATHENS BIKE TOUR. More to come on our crazy first night and our epic ferry ride to Santorini. PS Oh yes we did rock the Honeymoon Mode On t-shirts 🙂 #NoRegrets

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